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Detail Supplier: Auto Detailing Supplies is your best source for auto detailing supplies and equipment. Professional detailers and car care enthusiasts need a steady supply of car polish, wax, interior cleaners, and exterior cleaning chemicals. Of course, you need the right detailing tools like orbital and rotary polishers to go with them. Cleaning vehicle carpets with a powerful extractor, using the proper brush for each detailing task, and having the right towels are all the marks of a true auto detailing expert. Get everything you need for car detailing at!


Car Polish & Detail Chemicals: carries the best car polish that the auto detailing world has to offer. Respected brands like Mothers and Meguiar’s shine and protect vehicle surfaces, leaving them with a show-quality appearance. We carry chemical brands like Simoniz, Lexol, Stoner, and Armor All. That means is a one-stop shop to give your customers a complete interior and exterior detailing job!
Auto Detailing Carpet Extractors:
Stubborn dirt, stains, and residue are some of the toughest things to deal with when detailing a vehicle interior. A powerful detailing extractor is the tool you need to properly clean carpet in the vehicles you service. A Mytee extractor is simply the best car carpet cleaner you’ll find, and we carry all of their top models. Take your auto carpet cleaning to the next level with a professional extractor machine!
Car Detailing Brushes:
Pro detailers know that having a specific brush for each step of the detailing process is the expert approach. That means having brushes for washing exterior surfaces, hard scrubbing exteriors, and effectively cleaning wheels and tires. For the interior, you need finer brushes for dusting vents and dashboards, as well as brushes designed specifically for vinyl and leather. carries a variety of brush shapes and sizes, with both hogs hair and synthetic bristles, so your detailing shop can clean every inch of your customers’ rides – that’s a truly premium detailing experience!