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Buff And Shine Auto Detailing Pads

Give your customers' vehicles the detailing experience they deserve!

As a detailer, you want to be able to knock out the best paint correction you can, while minimizing the amount of time you spend on the project and the capital you need to invest. Buff and Shine knows that, which is why they are regularly innovating and growing their buffing and polishing pad selection.

Innovative Uro-Wool pads use traditional material in a brand-new construction! Uro-Fiber pads use a blend of two different grades of microfiber. Advanced Uro-Tec pads are foam pads made specifically for use with long-throw dual action polishers, while Uro-Cel foam pads are built for all other types of machines. Buff and Shine pads provide a better finish while reducing operator fatigue. Get more work done, better and faster than ever before!

Check out our great selection of Buff and Shine pads below. We carry all of the grades of pads, as well as plenty of different sizes – 8-inch pads are great for tackling large surface areas, while 3-inch pads help you address small areas and tight, curved bodywork. Trust Detailer Supplier as your #1 supplier for detailing products!


Experts in detailing field, Buff and Shine provides a wide range of Buff and Shine pads to help detail professionals get the best results for their clients. Since 1987, this family-owned, American-made company has been supplying long-lasting, high-quality pads and more to the detailing industry!

Buff and Shine pads are available made from either foam, wool, or microfiber. Foam pads are super forgiving, and perfect for beginners! The foam material does not clog up due as quickly with polishing liquid or paint residue. The foam composition means its well-ventilated, with less heat generation and less chance of burning the paint or finish. While Buff and Shine microfiber pads are made more for the advanced user, this is because they are more aggressive. These will cut away the paint faster, however they need to be maintained more as they can clog up quickly with residue and may generate heat faster.

Types of Buff and Shine Pads

Uro-Tec: Specifically designed for modern long-stroke or long-throw European-style dual action polishers. These pads are balanced for use with these machines to reduce vibration and prevent pad hopping. This provides superior contact with the surface, improving polishing efficiency. Closed-cell foam reduces absorption of chemicals, meaning more gets to the surface. There are four types available: Blue Heavy Cutting, Maroon Heavy Polishing, Yellow Polishing, and White Finishing pads.

Uro-Cell: While these use the same foam as the Uro-Tec line, they are constructed for use with standard dual action, standard random orbital, gear-driven dual-action, and rotary polishers. These are highly-resistant top tears and breaking down, and can last for a long time with the proper care. Three grades of Uro-Cell pads are available: Blue Heavy Cutting, Orange Medium Polishing, and Red Finishing pads.

Uro-Fiber: European-style microfiber pads feature a pile that is 25% lower than traditional microfiber pads, and also feature a blend of two different microfiber grades. Featuring black and white fibers, these pads let you remove light to moderate scratches and swirls, polish, and buff – all with a single pad! Just clean the pad after each step!

Uro-Wool: The old-school material given a new-school twist, these are extremely aggressive pads used for the heaviest cutting. With 100% processed wool that is “knitted” into the pad, you won’t have to deal with wool fibers floating around. The process used to build these pads means you won’t have to worry about pigtails or the heavy swirls that can come from traditional twisted wool pads.

Check out Buff and Shine’s great selection of cutting pads, polishing pads, finishing pads and more. We carry a great selection of pads from this incredible manufacturer, at the lowest prices in the industry!