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Vehicle Detailing Extractors

Carpet extractors are important tools when professionally cleaning a vehicle interior Find extractor brands like Diamond Lustre and Mytee here as well as extractor parts, accessories, tools, chemicals and additives that are used with your machine!

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What is a Carpet Extractor?

These powerful cleaning units take the concept of vacuuming to the next level! An extractor applies water and a chemical solution (drawn from the solution tank) to carpets to remove soils and stains. The dirty solution is then immediately sucked up into a recovery tank to be disposed of later. Smaller extractors are ideal for quick spot cleaning and quick stain removal. Larger extractors can clean an entire vehicle or room and have no trouble removing stubborn, embedded dirt and grime. Pay attention to vacuum motor and pump specifications to determine power level. Be aware that tank capacity determines how long you can clean without emptying the recovery tank. Look at the dimensions of an extractor as well as the wheel or caster setup if you're looking for a portable carpet extractor for auto detailing- important for mobile detailers and shops where easy maneuverability is needed.